In a previous life I ran a blogging group called Fashion Flash. Each month we did a giveaway that included popular books, skin care, make-up and a $50 gift cards to Amazon, American Express or Visa. Called Beauty and a Book Giveaway, it was free to enter and we received from 2,000-6,000 entries for each contest. Like so many things, it ended with COVID. We’re now bringing giveaways back with the launch of this site. Many of the top bloggers from Fashion Flash including Stacie of Make-up Obsessed Mom and Sissi of Beauty4free2u will be hosting our giveaways.

Each prize package will include top beauty brands, 3 novels I love, and a $50 Amazon gift card. Its free to enter. All you have to do is like us on Instagram (@thewritinglife2) and subscribe to my newsletter HERE and you are entered.